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My name is Silvia, I'm 18 years old, I love manga, anime, fantasy books, movies(the lord of the rings, star wars...) and tv series like Game of Thrones, Glee, The Big Bang Theory...
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Hey, do me a favor and walk up to the next person you see and tell them they’re ugly. Tell them straight out. Point out all their flaws. Make them feel like shit. Go on go do it.

It’s hard, huh? You can’t do it. So why is it so easy to do it to yourself?

Being mean to yourself is just as bad as being mean to someone else.

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Steffys Pros and Cons
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nayarivera The unholy trinity…plus chord
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Karen for Glamour Magazine
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I just had a driving lesson. There was this girl in the car who’d just had hers. In half an hour she said that:

• Homosexuality is an illness,
• Incest is on the same level as homosexuality.
• There is “a reason” why God created a man and a woman.

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Rooftops and love songs
My contribution for the Klaine Book Project 2014. I worked with sweet nycklaine! :) 
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it’s not that I can’t take selfies, selfies can’t take me

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